How to battle depression


By the year 2020, 1/3 of the world is predicted to suffer from depression. Though overcoming depression is an overwhelming task, there are certain habits depressed people have that makes their depression worse.

If you’re trying to overcome depression, then there are a list of things you shouldn’t be doing. These daily habits actually make your depression worse, as they can trigger bouts of depression. Here’s what ‘not’ to do, when you’re depressed.

  1. Stop looking at your friend’s social media – Everybody is addicted to social media. It’s a part of everyone’s lifestyle. Rather than being curious about what your friends are doing, or how fabulous your cousin’s cruise in the Bahamas is, will only make you feel worse. It will give you a complex that your life isn’t as amazing as everyone else’s. It will only make you feel worse. Until you overcome depression, delete all social media apps. Look at something more constructive, like the news.
  2. Do not watch romantic or depressing films – Remember, movies are fictional. You may not have the perfect love story and you don’t need depressing movies with a sad ending to make you feel worse about yourself. Instead, watch a comedy film, which will undoubtedly entertain you. Even horror films will keep your distracted temporarily.
  3.  Avoid talking to stupid people – People who aren’t your well – wishers, usually spout nonsense to make you feel worse. They will constantly criticise and demean you, which doesn’t help you overcome depression. Ignore these individuals, and run away if you see them. This is necessary until you learn to deal with such people in the right manner.
  4.  Don’t stay awake late at night – Staying up late gives you more time to mull over irrelevant things. Exercise regularly in the morning, so that you can fall asleep early. Practise martial arts and yoga, or go to the gym if you have to. But do not remain idle no matter what. The chances that you will be overwhelmed with sadness, if you have nothing to do.

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