Americans believe Democrats can handle climate change better

As the COP:21 debate has ended, the battle for climate change battle continues in the United States. Both democratic candidates have continued to promulgate their policies on tackling climate change, while Republican presumptive nominee, Donald Trump remains dismissive.  

Democrats plan to take effective measures to prevent climate change
Democrats plan to take effective measures to prevent climate change

Democratic and Republican Parties are vigorously campaigning in the United States for the upcoming 2016 Presidential elections. However, their policies on the environment and climate change are at different ends of  the spectrum.

Democratic Party candidate Bernie Sanders has supported the climate change legislation for several years. He has prepared a detailed plan to reduce the carbon emissions by 80 per cent by 2050 by investing in renewable sources of energy.

During his campaign in Iowa on Thursday, Sanders, who is known for his geniality, countered a climate change denier’s comments about global warming being unrealistic.

Democratic presumptive nominee Hillary Clinton, has promised to work towards the expansion of solar power and make America the world’s clean energy superpower by 2020. In contrast, Republican presumptive nominee Donald Trump has denied climate change, claiming its a ‘ruse’ started by the Chinese.

The United States is experiencing never seen before blizzards. California has been experiencing drought for the past four years. This has proved fatal to food supply as the state grows half of the nations, fruits and vegetables.

Only 3 per cent of Americans believe that climate change is a matter of immediate urgency according to data published by American data website However, on the issue of environmental protection and climate change, the public believes that the policies of the Democratic Party are better. This is the only area where Democrats are leading in the polls.

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