North Korea conducts two failed missile tests

North Korean leader, Kim Jong-Un will head the upcoming Congress on 6th May to reshuffle the military
North Korean leader, Kim Jong-Un will head the upcoming Congress on 6th May to reshuffle the military

North Korea launched two mid-range missiles on 28th April, one during the morning and evening and both launches have reportedly failed. Both ‘Musudan’ missiles crashed seconds after the test launch, making this the North country’s second missile failure within a period two weeks, according to the South Korean news channel, Arirang TV.

Both missiles were launched from the naval base of the Northeastern Korean peninsula. The first missile was launched at 6:40 AM from a mobile launch pad and the second one was launched at 7:26 PM from the same base.

Meanwhile, Park Gyen-hye, South Korean President, has ordered the defence forces to be prepared as another nuclear test could threaten the country’s security. The South Korean military predicts that the North Korean government may conduct more tests in the coming week.

China’s president, Xi Jinping, reiterated that he would implement U.N. sanctions on North Korea to ensure that there would be no war in the region. The ‘CICA declaration’ as it is being called, was made during the Congress of Interaction and Confidence-building measures (CICA) held in China, where all 26 Asian foreign ministers had gathered.

Yun Byung-se, South Korea’s foreign minister urged other Asian countries to help prevent this nuclear advancement as it would prove detrimental to Asia’s peace.

Kim Jung-Un, North Korea’s leader will be conducting the seventh Worker’s Party Conference next week, which is aimed to replace senior military officials with younger people. But this test launch will prove to be an unfortunate development for him, reports Reuters

An emergency meeting of the U.N. security Council was conducted to address this, as North Korea repeatedly violates the U.N.’s nuclear resolutions. Countries like Japan, China, South Korea and the U.S. have decided to pressurise the isolated nation to give up it’s nuclear testing.



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