17 questions with a police officer

As London is on high alert, police officers are given the arduous task of protecting the nation and the public. Here’s what PCSO Thomas has to say about the challenges a police officer has to face. 
1. What are the biggest challenges for a police officer?
     Keeping the peace.
2. What is the best part/greatest aspect of being a police officer?
     Being thanked for the work we do by the public.
3. Do you remember any funny stories or incidents during your years in service?
     Too many to mention!
4. How long have you been working in this field?
     Six6 years.
5. What was the turning point in your life that made you decide to pursue this career? Or were you always interested in this profession?
     The role is unique, and you woudn’t find another job the same.
6. Now that London is on terror alert, have your duties increased? Are they any different than what they used to be?       Only high visibilty patrols
7. After the Leytonstone incident, the citizens live in fear. Has the police taken any special measures to prevent such further incidents? London does NOT live in fear.
    We are more than capable of dealing with these types of situations.
8. It is not a practice in Britain for police officers to carry guns, pistols, or rifles but after the terror alert, will this practice change? Do you think that its necessary?
   No, we are one of the very few countries that has strict gun laws, unlike the US.
9. Is there any precaution the general public can take against the terrorist threats?
    Stay vigilant and report anything suspicious
10. What kind of cases do you usually handle? On an average, how many cases do you work on in a day?
    Mainly offences on the buses, it can be any number.
11. Are there any privileges in being a police officer?
    Free travel on public transport in London.
12. According to you, do you think the police receive enough salary and credit for their work in Britain?
     Not really, but were still going to get budget cuts anyway.
13. Do you think London has low crime rate, or are the statistics a sham?
      We are compared to other major cities, the crime is different and the laws are different.
14. Being an unarmed police officer means putting your life at risk. Has there ever been a time when you’re life was in danger?
       Every day, we have plenty of armed officers in the service to deal with gun crime
15. How did your family react when you decided to join the force?
       They were very proud.
16. How often are you dressed in plain clothes and how often are you in uniform?
       I prefer to be in uniform.
17.  What are the biggest misconceptions the public has about police officers?
       That they’re racist. With the new generation of officers coming into the service this is not longer the case.

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