When a Bollywood actor caused a Social Media overreaction

Bollywood actor Aamir Khan, shocked his fans around the world during his speech at an award ceremony this week, when he claimed that his wife, wanted to emigrate from India, due to the growing intolerance towards Muslims.

As the world is turning hostile toward Muslims, the secular nation of India has become more intolerant as well. With the ban on beef, and recent attacks on Muslims who criticise Hindu ideology, the Bollywood actor raised concerns about living in India during his speech at the Goenka Excellence in Journalism Awards.

His comments sparked a riot on social media, as he received an onslaught of hatred. The actor who made millions of pounds on his previous film, ‘PK’ which cajoled Hindu Gods, has been the target of many of his critics.

Khan has refused to retract his statements, reports the The Times of India.  The 52-year-old actor swore allegiance to the country, but stated: “To all the people shouting obscenities at me for speaking my heart out, it saddens me to say that you are only proving my point.”

The Indian and foreign media has critiqued the Modi government for its ‘Hindu nationalist ideology’. But the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has refused to comment on this issue yet.

The Indian government banned the the consumption of beef in the month of October. When a Muslim farmer was suspected of eating beef, and was killed, the government defended this act.  One of Modi’s minister’s also made a statement that Indian Muslims should abide by Hindu ideology.

The Indian Muslims in Britain have a diverse views on returning to India, in its current social climate.

“I wouldn’t go back to India, if this is the atmosphere.”says Syeda Fasiha, a student in London University. “I don’t think the Indian government has the right to tell us to follow another religion.”

However, another view exists that the Indian government is going haywire due to Modi’s silence and leniency. Modi has been known to avoid controversies and has avoided making comments during his reign as prime minister. “I don’t think Modi is anti-Muslim. I’m sure nothing huge will happen if I return home. It’s just the his administrators that are promoting anti-Muslim propaganda, and Modi is taking the hit.”says Sakina Sadaf, a housewife.

A counter view exists that Modi has been touring the world to promote India, his absence has been taken advantage of. “I’m not going back anytime soon. Not until this madness dies done. While Modi is busy signing deals with different countries around the world, he clearly has no time run the country. I don’t want to stop practising my religion if I go back home.”stated Altaf Mohammad, an IT professional in London.

An a FIR has been filed against Aamir Khan for defaming the nation, causing sedition and hurting religious sentiments. Whether Khan will undergo a trial in the Indian Supreme court is yet to be confirmed.


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