Chemsex – the latest craze

Chemsex, the sex that never stops.
Chemsex, the sex that lasts longer.


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Its now possible to have sex for 72 hours, without stopping. Gay men have popularised his possibility. It’s called ‘chemsex’.

What is chemsex?

Chemsex, is currently very popular among London’s gay community. Its a term often used by gay men on social networking websites. It involves having voluntary sex under the influence of a combination of drugs like GHB or Gins, crystallised meth and mephedrone. Using crystal meth and mephedrone result in the augmentation of the sex drive and euphoria.

Why is it harmful? 

But due to this new trend, the possibility of gay men contracting HIV could be really high, says the British Medical Association in its published report. As chemsex involves consumption of the drug, which is then proceeded with unprotected sex with multiple sex partners, the chances of being infected is possible.

The report says that after snorting the drug, men have sex with men and in many cases, aren’t aware of who their partner is. This is the consequence of using the drug which lowers their inhibition, and at times they are unaware of their actions. The sexual intercourse can last for days even, as the men are disoriented.

As the person is barely conscious, they are unable to give their consent for sex. This could to lead to assault and rape. While being under the influence of the drug, food and water are no longer a necessity.  The dangerous side – effects of this lifestyle includes black-outs, paranoia and psychosis.

Why do people indulge in it?

56 Dean Street, London’s first sexual health clinic provides the following list of reasons as to why people participate in chemsex:

  1. People want sex that lasts longer.
  2. Those who feel lonely want a reason to use the drug.
  3. They long for sexual connections.
  4. People want free, better sex, without constraints.
  5. Men are trying to come to terms with their sexual orientation.
  6. To overcome their problems of the past, especially sexual abuse.


Chemsex is slowly gaining popularity with heterosexuals as well. It has become popular enough to have a documentary made about it. It will be in cinemas from 4th December.

London is apparently the hub of chemsex culture. However, its practice is slowly gaining momentum in cities in Australia, USA and Europe. If this practise continues, doctors predict that young men may get sucked into this dark lifestyle.


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