10 outrageous things Charlie Sheen has said

Breaking news – Charlie Sheen has given up his hedonistic lifestyle and is now embracing philanthropy!

The former Two and a Half Men star  recently admitted that he has been diagnosed with HIV on a popular American talk show. The 50 – year- old actor conceded on the show that he got tested and was aware of his condition four years ago.


Image via https://www.flickr.com/photos/68195823@N07/6204385033/in/photolist-

In an open letter he wrote to Matt Lauer, host of the American ‘Today’ show, he says, ‘My partying days are behind me and my philanthropic days are ahead of me’.

In an ode to the popular actor, here’s a list of Sheen’s craziest quotes:

1.The Vatican assassin – With a history of drug abuse, during his infamous radio interview in February 2011, aside from the rant about his former producer Chuck Lorre,  Sheen said, “There is a new sheriff in town. We are an army of assassins. We work for the Pope we murder people, we are Vatican assassins!” This outraged pious Christians, and thus initiated the constant media coverage on his drug problem.

2.   Warlock from Mars – During his ‘Winning’ tour, which he conducted after being fired from Two and a Half Men, the actor called himself – “A warlock from Mars”. While Sheen claimed  that he was  intoxicated, and was speaking gibbersh, there are many who still believe that he was stating a fact!

3. Tiger Blood – Sheen believed that he had tiger blood in his veins, and that’s why he’s fine despite the onslaught of drugs in his system. Social media got a kick out this one.

4. Ashton Kutcher diss – After being fired due to his ranting tirade, Sheen did not take it well when actor Ashton Kutcher replaced him on Two and Half Men. Clearly, this tweet says it all.

5. Life lesson to his fans – Sheen is one of the most active celebrities on Twitter. His strange advise is often considered a gospel to his fans, despite his ‘words of wisdom’ being absolutely hilarious.

6. Reaction to being fired – Evidently, Sheen likes to have the last word.

7. #Winning! – His new tagline, went viral on the internet. He began using this in his usual inebriated state. Sheen stopped saying it, but social media hasn’t.

8. The megalomaniac tweet – During his public meltdown, Sheen developed the ‘I am awesome complex’ and you can see the results.

9. Charlie Sheen drug – No, Sheen didn’t invent a new drug. In an interview with ABC News in 2011, Sheen declared, ‘I’m on a drug, its called Charlie Sheen!’ . Sheen was asked to take a drug test by the channel, which he initially refused, but emerged clean after it. But this was his witty response to the request, which we immensely enjoy.

10. I don’t know how and when I acquired HIV’ – This last statement is dubious considering Sheen’s history with women. When he made this statement on the television, everyone scoffed at this statement, as the American media has proof. Though Sheen received sympathy, his condition was also subjected to sneers.

Which one is your favourite? Comment below!


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