Scholarships: Why they matter

Chevening scholarship presentation at Thailand
Chevening scholarship presentation in Thailand


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A scholarship can alter the life a student, in unimaginable ways. A scholarship is the stepping stone for a student to have new adventures in the world of academics. Being a recipient of a scholarship opens new doors in the workforce as well.

Why apply for a scholarship? 

Often, students are hesitant to apply for scholarships, as the process is unbearably lengthy and the competition, undoubtedly tough. Students have to invest lots of time in obtaining reference letters, writing their statement of purpose and explaining how the scholarship will change their life for the better.

Myths debunked 

There are various organisations providing scholarships in the UK for both native and overseas students. There are certain myths about scholarships which have existed for years, which needs to be dispelled and there are specific facts to be considered while applying for one.

  1. ‘I will get a scholarship only if I’m from a poor economic background’ – That’s not necessarily true. “I’m from an upper middle class family, and I applied or the scholarship based on my merit, not because my parents couldn’t afford the fees.” says Oishi Dey, Law student at Westminster.


  1. ‘Somebody from a poor country is more likely to get the scholarship’ – That is true. Students who are from countries with lower GDP, but possess high educational qualification and outstanding work experience are granted scholarships, in order to give these students an opportunity to improve themselves.


  1. Scholarship students lead a luxurious life – This is also a ridiculous belief. Scholarship students are also on a tight budget. The only difference is, instead of a family member or a bank, an organization has already determined their budget for them. “I live on such a tight budget. I receive a certain amount each month, and I live on that. It’s only during winter that I get a little extra to buy winter clothes.” says Moses Nwadi, Medical student at Warwick University.


  1. Scholarship students are the smartest students in class – This is another false assumption. They are one of the brightest, and their CV reflects certain achievements which qualify them for the scholarship. There are times when they get stressed with academics as well. “There are times when I just don’t know how to do something. People find that dubious. Just because I’m a scholarship student, doesn’t mean that I know everything.” says Yogita Sengupta, Political Science student at Bournemouth.


Scholarships have helped many students reach their full potential and realise what they’re capable off. Its not just your CV, but your statement of purpose that can persuade the committee to give you a scholarship.


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