What lies behind North Korea’s iron curtain?

Kim Jung-Un
Kim Jung-Un, current leader of Korea



One of the world’s most fiercely secretive countries, which made news this year for the movie, ‘The Interview’, is in the news yet again. The country is expecting a visit from UN Secretary general, Ban Ki -Moon according to South Korean news agency Yonhap.

If North Korea complies, then this will be the first time in two decades that a UN secretary general has visited the country.


The country cancelled Ban Ki-Moon’s visit in May this year, just one day before his visit. Ban Ki-Moon is set to meet Kim Jong – Un, North Korea’s current leader. The UN has refused to comment on this visit, and neither has the date of the visit been revealed.

Currently, the nation is being criticised by South Korea the US, EU and the UN for the large scale nuclear scale tests it conducts. This talk may decide the relationship of the UN with North Korea.


After the Korean war in 1953, which led to the separation of North and South Korea, the nation shut itself from the rest of the world. The country has always piqued the curiosity of the media, but the nation hasn’t allowed foreign media easily into its nation.

Since 2009, North Korea is no longer ‘communist’. It has followed the concept of self-reliance or ‘Juche’, after its late President Kim Il Jung who introduced this philosophy. This philosophy is reinforced in schools, where students read books regarding this concept.

There are pictorial depictions of people doing labour on the walls in alleys, to promote this notion. The BBC recently managed to enter this country and record some footage.From what was recorded, large paintings and monumental structures of North Korea’s current leader, Kim Jung Un and his father, Kim Jung Il could be found on walls of the train stations, or on the side of the streets.

North Korea’s reality   

North Korea has received criticism for spending million on its nuclear power, instead of providing basic necessities for its people.

In the movie, ‘The Interview’, starring Seth Rogan and James Franco, portrayed this reality onscreen. The North Korean government did not permit the movie to be released, and in retaliation, the movie was released online for everyone to watch.

Subsequently, the movie was released in theatres and faired well at the box office. Initially, audiences were worried that they might be attacked if they went to watch the movie at the cinema.

North vs South

On 20 August, of this year, a mine went off at the DMZ, which is the border between North and South Korea, which led to the injury of two South Koreans soldiers.

South Korea accused the nation of intentionally planting those mine, which North Korea vehemently denied. In response, South Korea, played propaganda against the North at the border, which infuriated the communist nation.

This led to further arguments between both nations, which was finally sorted on 25 August.

Strange Facts 

There are constant rumours about the mysterious North Korea. The following are the most common rumours about North Korea:

  1. Marijuana is sold on the streets, since it’s not considered a drug.
  2. There is no internet in North Korea.
  3. The North Koreans live in the year 104, and not 2015, as they count the years after birth of their late leader Kim Il – Sung.
  4.  Watching South Korean movies, possessing the Bible and distributing pornography will lead to a death sentence.



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