Lights, Children and Fireworks!


PHOTOS : Sanjana Raman

The thrilled screams of children, the sharp rebukes of parents and the laughter of friends inundated the quiet area of Wealdstone on Saturday.

It was that time of the year again.

On 7th November, the Harrow Fireworks festival began in full swing. Children and adults flocked to Byron Park to witness the fireworks display. It was one of those rare occasions, when there was actually a crowd in Harrow.


The milieu on Saturday emulated the common sight in Central London, with the noise, diverse people and conversations.

The festival began at 12 in the afternoon, with great pomp, as throngs of children and their parents stood in line to enter the muddy park.

The children flocked to the ring tossing tents, merry-go-rounds and face painting stalls, which were set up all over the ground, while the adults lined up at the food stalls.

There was absolute chaos, in the evening as the organisers tried to sell tickets to numerous people who had shown up.

This year’s theme, ‘magic was designed to attract children, which it successfully did. The majority of the crowd consisted of children accompanied by their parents.

Once you enter Byron Park, the stall with skeletons, coloured hats and a man performing magic, had a good number of children and parents glued at the entrance.

There was absolute darkness in the park, children waved their glow sticks in the air, and adults used their phones to guide themselves on the wet path.

Food stalls, game stalls and toys store were set up around the large ground. Children of all ages, including the little toddlers were thoroughly entertained with their new environment.

While the music played in the background, the children continued to play, lost in their own blissful world.

“I attend the fireworks festivals every year. It’s one thing to look forward to before Christmas,” says Agatha Ronald.

Crazy Waiting 

Children and parents with painted faces, glowing swords and huge stuffed toys were running hurriedly to watch the fireworks.

It was 9 degrees, the fast wind gave everyone frost bites, as they impatiently waited for the fireworks to begin. However, the fireworks was delayed by 45 minutes, which irked the crowd to no end.

But once the fireworks began, there wasn’t a single dissatisfied look on anyone’s face.

The fireworks which was supposed to last for 20 minutes, not did not last for more than 10 minutes. But those ten minutes were worth the wait.

The dark sky lit up, just like the children’s faces. Hues ranging from blue, yellow and red was in everyone’s line of sight.

Everyone sang along to the song playing in the background, as they stared at the sky, mesmerised.

Suddenly, the cold didn’t matter to anyone anymore. The children sat on their father’s shoulder’s, and some clung on to their mother, speechless.

The dull suburb of Harrow ultimately turned vibrant.


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