Northern Ireland stalls same sex marriage




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On Monday, Northern Ireland’s assembly vetoed the change in the same sex marriage law. This disappointed several gay couples who had sent out wedding invitations, hoping that they would finally get married. According to The Guardian, couples had planned to invite members of the parliament to their wedding, once the law was passed. 

This ban would’ve passed through the regional parliament, as many members had voted ‘for’ same sex marriage, but the Democratic Union Party used a ‘petition of concern’ to stall lifting of this ban.

The argument put forth by the DUP, was that ‘same sex marriage did not have enough cross community support’.Previously, four attempts were made to reform gay marriage in Ireland, with very members opposing this reform.

There exists an intricate law in Ireland, which will prevent the revoking of this ban soon. Both Protestants and Catholics have to come to a consensus and support a legislation. This is to ensure that one community does not monopolise all the power.

There are also couples who wish to challenge this ban in the European court of human rights. Some parliamentarian’s have altered their opinion’s after witnessing many pride parades and conversing with homosexuals.

Northern Ireland will be the only region in the UK which hasn’t legalised gay marriage. It has received criticism on many occassions for being a primitive and backward society.

However 68% of the Irish population is in favour of gay marriage, so this law may eventually be passed.


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