Bizarre New Year’s Traditions

We all love to party during New Year’s.

But we also have New Year’s traditions which we follow habitually. Traditions are a part of a human’s life, and they make a celebration more interesting. While drinking during New Year is normal in the UK, in India, drinking isn’t a tradition.

Here’s a list of strange traditions practised around the world that will make you sit up, scratch your head and befuddle you in multiple ways.


1. Fireballs – The tradition of parading around the streets, swinging fireballs is practised in Stonehaven, Scotland. This tradition dates back to the Viking era.

2. Whispering  – The Romanian farmers whisper to their cattle, asking them to give good produce every year.

3. Luggage – Ecuadorians carry their bags around the streets for an entire day, for good luck and ensure that they will travel all year round.

A man carrying luggage
A man carrying luggage

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4. Underwater tree planting – Siberians cut a hole in the ice covered Lake Baikal, and swim to the bottom to plant a new tree.

5.  Graveyard musical – In an attempt to reunite with their dead relatives, citizens of Talca, Central Chile sit around the graveyard, as music plays in the background. The citizens hold candles as they listen to the music.

6. Ice-cream dropping – In Switzerland, people drop ice-creams on the floor as it will bring them

good luck in the new year.


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7. Throwing out furniture – In Johannesburg, South Africa people throw out old furniture which they no longer need out of their windows.

8. Dropping Possums – The possum, a marsupial, is placed in a box and dropped on a crowd in North Carolina, America.

9. Shattering dishes – In Denmark, people throw unused dishes on the doorstep of their loved ones, out of affection, to bring them good luck.


10. Splashing water – In Peru, people splash buckets of water out of windows to drive away evil spirits.





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