Crazy things students have spent money on

Practising frugality is an integral part of student life, especially in an expensive city like London. However, students always end up squandering money on unnecessary items and this ends up affecting their daily living expenses. A small group of Westminster students residing in Harrow Hall did a survey on what they have spent their money on and what repercussions came from said spending.

Listed below are some of the bizarre things students have spent money on:

1.Dirty Japanese comics – ‘Hentai’ refers to the Japanese comic book version of porn with lewd drawings and sexual acts written with an unbelievable story line. One student spent 50 pounds on this!

“In my second year of undergrad, I spent a lot of money on hentai, and I spent the rest of the month eating cookies since I couldn’t afford anything else.”


2. Online games – A good percentage of the student population loves online gaming. Unfortunately, some of the best video games are outrageously costly, but there are students who will still pay big bucks for a game or two.

“I bought the Diablo 3 Manticore Crossbow for £2,306  in my first year of undergrad. I didn’t have money to buy clothes for the next four months!”

3. Ropes – This item is not a particular necessity but to this student, it was.

“I’m a rhythmic gymnast, and my university didn’t have any provision for me to practise. I spent 130 pounds on ropes, and practised in my room.”

4. Diamond encrusted jeans – Being fashionably forward is vital to many and wearing branded clothes basically allows you to make a fashion statement, but how far will you go to avoid a fashion faux pas?

“I bought designer diamond encrusted jeans for £1000 one time. I’m a fashionista and I prefer to wear good clothes, even if it means that I can’t buy textbooks.”

5. Futon – This is a quite acceptable in hostels and flats catering to students. But if you live in a dorm room that can barely fit your suitcases, it may not be such a good idea to add yet another item that will take up space in your already small room. This student though, got one to make his visitors comfortable in his room.

“I have a lot of friends and relatives coming over to stay in my dorm and they can’t sleep on the floor. So I bought a130 pound futon, so that can rest comfortably.”


6. Clown Shoes – This cannot even be explained but one student felt the need for them as they supposedly ‘matched’ her outfit?…

“I went to a costume party and the prize for best costume was a debenhams voucher which I really wanted. So since I didn’t have shoes that matched my outfit, I went out looking for some and bought some off an old man for £70. I regret it now.” 

7. Rare alcohol – We all love to drink, but tasting one of a kind wine, is more of a privilege than a requirement.

“I went to a vinery and I loved the taste of this French wine which was dated back to 1985… I ended buying the whole bottle for 170 pounds!”

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