Bouncing Back!

Clarkson on the set of Top Gear
Clarkson on the set of Top Gear

The eviction of Jeremy Clarkson from Top Gear was a bolt out of the blue. The show has millions of fans worldwide and his misdemeanour with BBC producer, Oisin Tymon, was not condoned. After innumerable pleas and appeals from both celebrities and fans, the BBC refused to alter their decision.

But Clarkson fans can cheer as he returns on Amazon Prime, with another motor show, with his co-hosts, James May and Richard Hammond, which can be viewed online.

In an interview with The Week, Clarkson said, “This show is nothing like Top Gear.”

The show promises divergence and fans are anticipating its release in 2016. Though Clarkson regrets being fired, he has admitted that it was his ‘own, silly fault’, during his radio interview with Chris Evans on BBC 2.

As Chris Evans has taken over Top Gear, Clarkson has begun shooting for his new show with his crew.

This is not the first time that BBC hosts have misbehaved or verbally abused their co-workers or producers and lost the opportunity to work for the reputed broadcast network.

In 2010, BBC 2 radio host Jonathan Ross exited BBC and joined ITV. He had already been suspended for a scandal while he reigned in the BBC for 13 years. He was accused for using foul language, which went against many policies of the BBC.

Ross at the BAFTA's
Ross at the BAFTA’s

But, now, he has a hit show on ITV called, ‘The Jonathan Ross Show’, which features all of the popular celebrities, and his show has great TV ratings.  Ross is still successful. He is now lording over late-night television.

Russell Brand performing
Russell Brand performing

In 2008, comedian Russell Brand was fired as BBC 2 radio host. Along with Jonathan Ross, Brand made prank calls to British actor, Andrew Sachs. These prank calls consisted of foul language and sexual innuendos with regard to Sach’s granddaughter. Brand violated BBC regulations, and the BBC apologised on behave of Brand.

But after working on various other media platforms, Brand has become a global star.

Despite the humiliation, these men have bounced back with vigour.


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