Adaption, the safest option on TV

Reality shows never go out of fashion. As they promise to provide more reality instead of fiction, the audience is constantly attracted. As countries differ in terms of culture, producers like to experiment and alter reality shows that adapts to the local culture.

Despite the difference in culture, the concept of these TV shows seems to be a hit with the audience. Jessica Cariappa, film reviewer and TV show buff from India explains why. “Its nothing to do with culture. Everybody watches TV. Anything that’s different and unique will always air on TV.”she says. “If something works in one country, all the others jump to revamp in a style that works for their respective audience.”

It has also to do with the East and West being curious about each other’s culture and adapting aspect of it. “After watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S, I’m really fascinated by American culture. It’s like cultural exchange.”says exchange student Cheng-Gong from China.

Here are a list of TV shows that have been adapted around the world:

Big Brother –  The concept is derived from George Orwell’s 1984, which takes bout constant monitoring of human beings. The show involves a bunch of ‘B’grade celebrities trapped in a big house. They are provided with tasks everyday, with weekly eliminations based on public voting.

The final celebrity standing with the most number votes, wins the grand prize money. There are fights, racist remarks, politics, love and violence in just 103 days. This show has been adapted in India, America, Mexico and South Korea and many more countries.

Big Boss Propaganda
Big Brother Propaganda

The pick up artist – This American TV show has a group of men trying to learn the art of picking up women. The show used to air on VH1 contestants are given points for succeeding in each task, and are eliminated based on their low score. The boys in on the show aren’t exactly good looking, and usually the host has had no luck with women himself.

H8r – Yes, that is actually a title. This American TV show has celebrities appear on this show, and are introduced to the person who hates them the most. Both of them come face-to-face and sort out their differences. The sorting out session could lead to arguments, fights or even further animosity. By the end of the show, the hater is asked whether they still despise the celebrity or misunderstood them.

Fashion Police – Hosted by the late Joan Rivers, this show still airs on the American channel E!, and has been adapted in 18 countries around the world. Fashion Police consists of four panelists who comment about celebrities clothes during various award shows and events in a humorous and deprecating manner. The show is hugely successful in countries that love fashion.
Former cast of Fashion Police
Former cast of Fashion Police
Next Top Model – Hosted by top model Tyra Banks, the show was adapted all around the world. Wannabee models below the age of 25 do professional photo shoots and develop a portfolio. Based on their photos, models are eliminated each week.
Next top model poster
Next top model poster

Which is your favourite show? Does your country have similar concepts for reality shows? Comment below!


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