Common sights in the tube


Image via Flickr

It is perfectly common for a Londoner to travel for long hours in the tube.

The ‘tube’ is London’s underground transport service. It is basically an underground train, which is one of the most popular modes of transport in the city. It is one of London’s oldest and quickest transit system. This tedious journey has its plus points as well. You can catch up on your reading, sleep or even work.

However, there are certain things Londoners do in the tube, which seems outlandish to some foreigners. Here are a list of common scenes which you can witness in a tube:

  1. Kissing – Its not uncommon to see couples make out in the tube. Londoners are often affectionate with each other in public, so PDA is not something that receives a second glance.
A couple kissing
A couple kissing in the tube

For those from conservative nations, this maybe shocking, or befuddling. Couple’s hug, lay on each other’s shoulder or cuddle, whilst the rest are unperturbed. The couple is never disturbed by others either.

  1. Make-up – Another unsurprising scene to many Londoners is applying make-up during the journey.


If you’re a new commuter, then seeing women apply make-up during the entire journey initially seems amusing, as the fast moving train is not the best place to beautify yourself. Nonetheless, Londoners succeed in this seeming difficult task.

  1. Sleeping – Whether they’re sitting or standing, Londoners manage to catch up on some sleep during the journey. Their sleep is usually undisturbed by the fast, jerky movements of the tube.  The noise or commotion doesn’t awaken or annoy them in the least.
  1. Music – Most commuters listen to music, and are lost in their own world. As they are regular commuters, they know when to get off and what station to get off, without listening to the announcements.


  1. Conversations – There are numerous individuals who have important conversations with their lovers, colleagues, boss, and bankers. It is not abnormal to have people sitting next to you, giving their account numbers, or discussing confidential information. Irrespective of whether its irresponsible or not, Londoners still do it.
  1. Catching up on the latest news- There are many people who catch up on the latest news on their ipad, phone or laptops whilst in the tube. Londoners also love to read newspapers, and many spend time doing crosswords.



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